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    This website has been designed to tell you about the practice and the services that we offer. Please read it carefully. We trust that you will find it helpful and informative.

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    We operate an appointment system which allows you to see the doctor of your choice and gives you some idea when you will be seen.

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    We have a repeat prescription system so it is not necessary to see the doctor every time you need medicine.

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Welcome To The Practice


 New Computer System (29th June to 5th July 2016)


As part of improving patient services in a more joined up way across Tameside & Glossop we are moving to a new computer system.                

This is called EMIS Web and will allow us to interact better with other healthcare providers.

As you will appreciate moving from one system to another is a huge undertaking and unfortunately, will inevitably cause some disruption to services whilst patient data is transferred to the new system.  We have tried to plan this transfer to keep disruption to a minimum especially as the computer system underpins every activity within the practice.

From Wednesday 29thh June until Tuesday 5th July we will not be able to use our current system whilst the migration takes place.

This will mean:

  • We will have to use a pen and paper appointment system.
  • All prescriptions (both repeat and acute) will have to be handwritten.
  • We will be unable to process any Electronic prescriptions
  • All consultations will have to handwritten, and for some of the time the Clinician may not have access to your medical notes.
  • New patient registrations will be put on hold.
  • Patient Online Access – will be closed down from Tuesday 28th June 2016.

How this may effect you:

  • Using a paper appointment system will mean that staff may take longer to deal with appointment requests.  This may mean that it takes longer for us to answer the telephone between the 29th June and 5th July.
  • Prescriptions may take longer than 48 hours as each one will need to be handwritten, checked and signed. All electronic prescriptions will need to be printed (28th June to 17thJuly)
  • If you have recently ordered a repeat prescription, you may notice that the quantities have been changed, this is to ensure that your prescription will not be due until after the migration is complete.
  • Test results will take longer to process and report on.
  • You cannot use patient online services from the 28th June 2016.  Once we have migrated to EMIS Web you will have to re-register to use this service.
  • Once we have gone over to EMIS Web on the 5th July, all consultations and medications that have been actioned during the migration will have to be added to your computer record.  We will need time to ensure that this is done accurately and in a timely fashion.


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